Despite all the angst and skepticism and frustration, it's good to have the guys back on the field playing games that matter.

Yes, the bullpen scares me a lot and gives me Dusty Hughes flashbacks and the there's enough uncertainty about the things that are supposed to be strengths. But today we can all be optimists. Maybe until the fourth inning, maybe until of May, maybe until the fourth game of the postseason.

OK, the last one was a joke. (When was the last time there was a fourth game to the Twins' postseason?)

Today, I choose hope.

*I hope that Jamey Carroll, the young 38 year old, makes all the plays we expect and gives the Twins a No. 2 hitter that should really be batting second.

*I hope the Justin Morneau-as-DH thing works out and that Chris Parmelee isn't an illusion.

*I hope that Francisco Liriano wins closer to 18 games than eight and makes the big debate of the autumn about whether the Twins should sign him to a long-term deal.

*I hope that Matt Capps is better than any of expect him to be.

*I hope that Delmon Young hits .220 and Joe Nathan blows up. No ill will, but the Twins were right not to bring either of them back, even if they should have handled their departures better.

*I hope I don't see anyone with one of those "Cuddyer" shirts with Rockies on the front. (Ms. Baseball-219 already owns Willingham gear.)

*I hope people are talking more about baseball at Target Field than the new foods.

*I hope Ryan Doumit doesn't remind me of when I played right field as a seventh-grader on the eighth-grade team. The eighth-grader got to play first base (even though I had better hands and a foot taller) because he was older.

*I hope the Twins find a way to play this at Target Field.

In case you're wondering, the video was produced by Sam Utne (@SamUtne). Portions were shot at Andy Sturdevant's Salon Saloon at Bryant Lake Bowl in October 2010, at Le Poisson Rouge in New York City during a "Minnesota Happy Hour" and at various locations around the country where Twins fans are known to reside.

Enjoy the season.




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