The Timberwolves own the 18th pick in this June's NBA draft after Utah lost a three-way tiebreaker with New York and Dallas today.

All three teams finished with the same 36-30 record, necessitating a three-way blind draw to determine which team gets the 16th, 17th and 18th pick.

The NBA put all three teams in a blind draw and picked the Knicks first and the Mavs second, which left that Utah pick sitting last.

The Wolves own Utah's pick from the 2010 Al Jefferson trade and Houston owns New York's pick, so the Rockets will pick 16th, the Mavericks 17th and the Wolves 18th.

If I had to bet, I'll say they package that pick in a trade to add a veteran(s), but we'll see...

If the Wolves do keep that pick, they still could have their pick of shooting guards such as Kentucky's Doron Lamb, Washington's Terrence Ross or Tony Wroten Jr., Syracuse's Dion Walters or small forward Royce White from Iowa State or any number of shot-blocking forward/center types.

The Wolves also own the 58th overall pick in this summer's draft, acquired in a trade with Oklahoma City.

Their own second-round pick -- 40th overall -- belongs to Portland via Houston.

Also, while I'm on here now...

I'll be doing a live chat at noon on Monday to talk all things Timberwolves, NBA playoffs, draft, whatever you want.

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