PR man Mike Cristaldi from the Timberwolves seems to think he has tapped into the RandBall core demographic (sorry AZGopherGirl and other like-minded Uterine-Americans). He passes along this e-mail and link:

Today the Timberwolves Dancers are featured on the front page of Maxim has selected the Wolves Dancers as one of the best in the NBA. The direct page for the Wolves Dancers.

We glanced at the page from home earlier after he sent the e-mail, and there's nothing objectionable. That said, when we got to the office we found our access to has been blocked because it falls into the category of "lingerie and swimsuit." Consider that a warning. The image, therefore, was taken from the Wolves' site, which is not blocked and essentially contains pictures of the Wolves' dancers in the body coverage equivalent of lingerie and swimsuits.

Sometimes we don't understand the Internet. This post also dovetails nicely with a thought we had this morning: why do people click on links containing pictures of attractive women when they could just as easily do a Google Image search for "attractive woman?" Laziness? Opportunity? Pack mentality? What?

In any event, congratulations, Wolves dancers. Perhaps some of their can-do spirit can be transferred to the on-court basketball product?

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