The Wolves brought their first draft prospects to Target Center for a workout Thursday. Among the six players: Former Gophers guard Austin Hollins, whose father interviewed for the Wolves coaching job.

When asked, Hollins said he didn’t ask the Wolves who they intend to hire as their next coach. “I’ve thought about it,” he said about his father perhaps coaching the Wolves. “But that’s not really my mind-set right now. I’m just focused on me and my workout.”

Hollins is a 6-4 shooting guard who needs to prove he can shoot. He worked out with five other players who the Wolves will consider with one of their three second-round picks or as a summer-league free agent.

“It means a lot,” Hollins said of his chance to work out with the Wolves. “I’ve been here [in Minnesota] four years. It’s a long time. It didn’t seem like it went fast, but it’s a long time, four years, and being able to come work out with the hometown team, it’s an honor.”