brewsterblockMany years ago, in the early stages of Twitter, I staged a strange contest to see who could reach 1,500 Twitter followers first: Gophers football coach Tim Brewster or Wolves forward Brian Cardinal. Both are long gone from here, but Brewster won; I went and did an interview to commemorate the occasion and too, a picture of a sweaty Brewster (fresh from exercising) holding up a RandBall T-shirt.

brewblockIt pains me then, to report what I think is a recent development: Tim Brewster blocked me on Twitter. It’s not that I haven’t given him reason to, from doing entire posts about the temperature of chili to constantly bringing up his motivational video.

I just never thought it would come to this. Maybe now that he’s found success at Florida State he wants to forget all about Minnesota? Were you #BlockedByBrewster too? How many of us are there? If you haven’t checked for a while, you might want to. I’m getting a sense there are a lot of us.

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