Upload found this blog post while getting up to speed on the Tigers and their recent stumbles.

John Verburg of Motor City Bengals suggests that "the Minnesota Twins pitching staff is the cure for what ails the Tigers bats."

Why would he think such a thing?

"Minnesota is dead last in so many categories pitching wise, you would think that the Detroit Tigers circa 2003 could get 5 runs a game off of that staff. For starters, the Twins staff as a whole has an ERA of 5.38, more than half a run worse than the next worst staff in the American League. The lack of ability on the Twins part to dominate hitters is largely the cause of the problem. The Twins are dead last in strikeouts, and have the highest opponent batting average against of .283."

The Twins have rightfully become the subject of such dismissive writing, which is what happens when you're tied for the worst record in baseball and are reduced to celebrating small steps of improvement instead of looking at the bigger issue of a division title hunt.

As Yoda would say, "Unfamiliar territory, this is."

There's more -- and you can read the entire post here, complete with the ending about what might happen if the Twins manage to handle Detroit in the same way they did in winning both games the teams played last week.

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