Many bunches of oats

It has been a few years since Post cereals were briefly part of the Kraft empire, but Mr. Tidbit wonders whether Kraft left behind a marketing executive whose Oreo gene was only recently activated. In a performance highly reminiscent of the endlessly unfolding spectrum of Oreo cookies, Post’s Honey Bunches of Oats cereal has started sprouting more and more versions, some of them as peculiar as the Oreo Triple Double.

There are now 12: Honey Bunches of Oats With Almonds, Honey Bunches of Oats With Cinnamon Bunches, HBofO With Pecan Bunches, HBofO With Vanilla Bunches, HBofO Raisin Medley, HBofO Honey Roasted, HBofO With Real Strawberries, HBofO Just Bunches!, three kinds of HBofO Fruit Blends — banana blueberry, peach raspberry and new mango coconut — and, finally, new HBofO Greek Honey Crunch (“two unique granolas made with real Greek Yogurt, crispy whole grain flakes and a touch of honey”).

The Greek yogurt in that last one is seen in the ingredient list as “Greek yogurt powder.” Maybe Mr. Tidbit is missing something here, but what makes so-called Greek yogurt “Greek” is that it is strained to thicken it. He would guess it is hard to tell whether yogurt that has been dried all the way to powder was first drained to make it Greek.


Brown Rice Triscuits

New from Nabisco are four flavors of Brown Rice Triscuit crackers. Two of them — Savory Red Bean and Roasted Red Pepper — are “baked with red bean”; another — Roasted Sweet Onion — is “baked with sweet potato,” and one apparently is not baked with anything interesting: that’s Sea Salt & Black Pepper.

Although the biggest words on the boxes are “brown rice,” these are not rice crackers in the sense that they might be gluten-free. The third ingredient in all of them is “whole grain soft white wheat.”

If you look for such things, you might be surprised to see who made these Triscuits. Nabisco’s parent is no longer Kraft Foods, but a new outfit called Mondelez, created (along with Kraft Foods Group) when Kraft Foods split in two late last year.