Another Oreo!

Quite some time ago, Mr. Tidbit pledged not to bother mentioning any new products that are merely new flavors of existing products. He is well aware that he is breaking that vow every time he discusses yet another peculiar new flavor of Oreo cookies. But he can't help it!

Granted, the new Banana Split Oreos aren't quite as bizarre as the Watermelon Golden Oreos that appeared a month ago. But Mr. Tidbit fears that if he tried to keep the news of their (limited-edition) debut all bottled up inside, he might explode.

As with the Watermelon Golden Oreos, the filling of each Banana Split Oreo is a two-colored blob, in this case pink and yellow. It's not clear to Mr. Tidbit whether both colors are not-quite banana, or the yellow is not-quite-banana and the pink is not-quite-berry. (He really doesn't want to keep eating them in order to nail that down.) The filling of each cookie is enclosed by one Golden Oreo wafer and one regular Oreo wafer.

Mr. Tidbit feels it's not really a banana split without whipped cream and a maraschino cherry. Maybe next month.

Klondike Kandy bars

You know the Klondike Bar, right? The little square brick of vanilla light ice cream, coated with chocolate.

Actually, if that sounds like the complete Klondike Bar picture to you, you haven't looked in the supermarket freezer case for quite a while. Besides that Original flavor, there are 10 more. And there are four Klondike Sandwiches, as well as some 100-calorie and no-sugar-added versions.

(Klondike also makes the Choco Taco, and the Klondike logo is on the package, but nobody calls that a Klondike bar.)

And now there are new (slightly smaller) Klondike Kandy Bars, in three flavors. Each has a gooey topping between the light ice cream and the chocolate coating.

Klondike candy bars

At confusingly the same time, an outfit called Imaginings 3 is producing, under license from Klondike, a Klondike candy bar (Klondike "The Candy!"), consisting of four little squares of caramel or mint chocolate chip candy, coated in chocolate.

If you're sending someone to the store, be sure to spell out Candy or Kandy.

Al Sicherman