In last week's discussion of two new versions of ketchup from Heinz -- Dip & Squeeze Ketchup and Simply Ketchup (no high-fructose corn syrup) -- Mr. Tidbit unaccountably failed to pass along the list of how many versions that makes.

In addition to Dip & Squeeze Ketchup, Simply Ketchup and regular ketchup, Heinz also produces organic, no-salt, reduced-sugar, Hot & Spicy (made with Tabasco sauce) and a limited-availability version of ketchup made with balsamic vinegar. That's eight kinds of ketchup.


Smarter than others

At least as popular as "simply" in product names these days is "smart," but Mr. Tidbit is unable to tell you what the term means in this reference, beyond that it's clearly supposed to put the product in the better-for-you column. Prego, for example, makes Light Smart, Heart Smart and Veggie Smart pasta sauces in addition to its unsmart varieties. Sunsweet makes PlumSmart and PlumSmart Light prune juices in addition to its regular prune juice. Perdue trumps everybody by using both words on its new Simply Smart chicken products.

In any case, Hostess has introduced Smart Bakes Muffins and Smart Bakes Streusel Cakes. Each has 3 grams of fiber, a little whole grain and 150 calories per serving, better than the original versions.


But what is it?

Musselman's has introduced Totally Fruit, sweetened with fruit-juice concentrate, not high-fructose corn syrup. Mr. Tidbit is afraid that "totally" just isn't on the bandwagon with "simply," but apparently Smucker's beat them to the name "Simply Fruit."

Calling it "Simply Apple Sauce" would have been stretching a point, because besides the regular apple version, Totally Fruit also comes in peach and strawberry, containing (besides apples and apple-juice concentrate) peach or strawberry purée. And it seems that Musselman's doesn't like the term "apple sauce" all that much: You have to get down to the tiniest type on the Totally Fruit package -- tinier than the ingredients list -- before you find "apple sauce." It's in the line under "Sweetened with Fruit Juice Concentrate."

Psst: It is apple sauce.