New in the freezer or ice cream aisle are two related products from Edy's: shakes and smoothies, both in about 10-ounce paper cups containing about 8 ounces (1 cup) of frozen product, to which you add 1/3 cup of milk and stir.

The shake contains one of four flavors of light ice cream; the nonfat smoothie (nonfat if what you add is skim milk) contains one of four flavors of what seems to be sherbet or frozen nonfat yogurt, made with fruit purees, fruit juice concentrates and bits of fruit. (The tropical flavor smoothie, for example, includes mango puree, pineapple juice concentrate, passionfruit juice concentrate, banana puree and pineapple -- but not all that much of those fruits: With the 1/3 cup of milk added, the whole thing contains, according to the label, "9 percent juice/puree.")

Mr. Tidbit has seen the shakes and smoothies for about $1.50 to $2. At a probable non-sale price of about $6 for a 1.5-quart (6-cup) carton of light ice cream, frozen yogurt or sherbet, the frozen product in the cup is worth about $1. But you do get a paper cup.


Less is ... less

With so many choices now showing up in the 24-ounce entrees-for-two section of the freezer case, T.G.I. Friday's -- already well-represented there -- is adding a bunch of entrees for one, including chicken and broccoli Alfredo and sizzling chicken fajitas. At one store, where the 24-ounce versions of those entrees are priced at $8.99, the 12-ounce entrees for one sell for, surprisingly, $3.99 -- 11 percent less per ounce.

C'est si bone

Mr. Tidbit usually confines his supermarket reporting to products that are at least supposed to be for human consumption, but he can't resist this one: Is your dog tiring of original Kibbles 'n Bits dry dog food? What about Kibbles 'n Bits Homestyle (whatever that means)? Is his palate too sophisticated for that, too?

Don't worry; he's probably just missing Paris. But he'll be fine now, with new Kibbles 'n Bits Bistro Meals. Play some Edith Piaf while he dines.