It's Greek to you

We've already had Greek versions of all the regular yogurt products (including Activia, which is notably regular). And we've already had Yoplait Greek with some granola packed on top and YoCrunch Greek with some Honey Bunches of Oats. Chobani may be the first major Greek yogurt with interesting additions. There are two lines:

Chobani Bite has four flavors: fig with orange zest, caramel with pineapple chunks, raspberry with dark chocolate chips, and coffee with dark chocolate chips. They come in four-packs of small 3.5-ounce cuplets; at one discount store they have essentially the same price per ounce as the 6-ounce cups of regular Chobani. (Mr. Tidbit was not deeply moved by what he would have called the chocolate specks in the raspberry version.)

Chobani Flip consists of a little tub of topping alongside a tub of Greek yogurt. It's 5.3 ounces altogether, of which the topping is something like half an ounce. There are seven varieties: peach with pistachios and dark chocolate; coconut with toasted almonds and dark chocolate chips; key lime with graham crackers and white chocolate; strawberry with honey oats; blueberry with walnuts, hemp seeds and chia; raspberry with dark chocolate morsels; honey with bananas; and vanilla with cornflakes, honey oats and praline pecans. (Mr. Tidbit approves of the bigger chocolate bits in the Flip versions he tried.)

At that same store, pricing the 5 ounces of yogurt at the same per-ounce rate as the 6 ounces of regular Chobani, the flip-in ingredients added about 42 cents. Not bad for half an ounce of almonds and chocolate, but way more than Mr. Tidbit would willingly pay for hemp and chia.

Yogurt hummus

And from Eat Well Enjoy Life (that's the brand name), it's five flavors of hummus with Greek yogurt. Mr. Tidbit notes that there's no yogurt — Greek or otherwise — in hummus (typically it consists of ground chickpeas, oil, lemon juice and tahini). But Eat Well Enjoy Life doesn't make typical hummus anyway. Its regular (non-yogurt) versions of hummus are made not with chickpeas but with edamame, white beans, red lentils, black beans or yellow lentils.

Al Sicherman