Do you remember Fruitwater from Glaceau? It was a line of still (noncarbonated) drinking water, barely sweetened with fructose, in not-very-intense flavors including lemon, lime and peach; it was discontinued long ago. When Coke bought Glaceau, it continued to produce Vitaminwater (stevia-sweetened vitamin-enhanced still water) and Smartwater (electrolyte-enhanced still water). And now Fruitwater is back. Sort of.

The re-emerged Fruitwater is about as different from its namesake as Coke could make it: It's carbonated, sweetened with sucralose and comes in flavors including strawberry kiwi, orange mango and watermelon punch.

In any case, neither old nor new Fruitwater contains any fruit.

More Philadelphia

A couple of minor Philadelphia cream cheese developments caused Mr. Tidbit to look at the Kraft website.

He had intended to mention the changed name of the line of 8-ounce tubs of cream cheese flavored with dark, white or milk chocolate. It used to be Indulgence; now it's Snack Delights, and there are cinnamon and caramel versions too.

And he was going to merely nod to the newest flavor of Philadelphia cream cheese spread — spicy jalapeño — and move on, but he was stunned, as he often is these days, by the number of varieties that had appeared while he wasn't looking.

Besides plain, reduced-fat and fat-free, there are strawberry, chive & onion, jalapeño, blueberry, honey nut, garden vegetable, salmon, pineapple, spinach & artichoke, sun-dried tomato & basil, reduced-fat strawberry, reduced-fat garden vegetable and fat-free strawberry.

No, the one that sounds good to you isn't at your store. Count on it.

Snack solution

There you are, late some night, craving both pretzels and peanut butter. You could attempt to spread the peanut butter on the pretzels, but the better angels of our nature are pretty sure that, in that direction, disaster is not far off. Peanut butter is a little too thick for dipping — unless maybe it's natural peanut butter, but if yours is a house with natural peanut butter, you probably are not encouraged to go dipping things in it.

Well, run to the store and get Keebler's new Filled Pretzel Bites — little pretzel mounds filled with peanut butter. They're fudge-coated, too! (Why not?)

Al Sicherman