Mr. Tidbit will be the first to admit that he totally missed the appearance of Jell-O Mixchief add-your-own-soda unflavored gelatin mix (the prepared gelatin has the flavor of whatever pop you add), but he believes he's right on top of Jell-O Mixchief "color-changing" pudding mix.

Mr. Tidbit notes that the resulting color isn't a surprise: The picture on the box makes it clear that the vanilla pudding will be green, and in fact, the pudding mix itself is a bleak gray-green, which changes to a disturbingly intense bright green, like that of the green ketchup we loved so much at the turn of the millennium. To acknowledge that lineage, rather than label it "color-changing" pudding, Mr. Tidbit would call it "upsetting-color" pudding.


Flavor my world

Although the casual reader might not notice, someone like yourself who inexplicably comes here for information week after week is doubtless aware that Mr. Tidbit resists the impulse to mention "new" products that are merely new flavors of existing products. But he feels that a line -- albeit a blurry one -- has been crossed with the newest version of Kellogg's Fiber Plus Antioxidants chewy bars: caramel coconut fudge.

Although it's true that all three existing flavors -- chocolate chip, dark chocolate almond and chocolatey peanut butter -- are very sweet-sounding, this is the first iteration with three desserty flavors. It sounds like a candy bar.

Mr. Tidbit feels he owes it to the candy-centered among us to point out that the first three ingredients of the caramel coconut fudge bar are chicory root fiber, rolled oats and crisp rice, so each bar contains 9 grams of fiber, enough to merit this bottom-of-the-box warning: "New users: Increase your fiber intake gradually. Gastrointestinal discomfort may occur until your body adjusts."

Not a candy bar.


Slice my world

The newest cookie from Pepperidge Farm is Milano Slices, with bits of toffee scattered across a chocolate layer atop a single Milano cookie. So this is not a sandwich cookie: It's the first open-face Milano! The foundations of the universe tremble.