This is one of those occasions in which Mr. Tidbit discovers that a familiar grocery item is offered in an astounding variety of flavors, not all of which might be available at any one store. This time it's Hunt's diced tomatoes. In addition to crushed, stewed and whole tomatoes -- each offered in at least two variants -- Hunt's offers these 14 diced-tomato possibilities:

Original; no salt added, roasted garlic; sweet onion; in sauce; basil, garlic and oregano; basil, garlic and oregano with no salt added; green pepper, celery and onion; petite diced; fire roasted; fire roasted with garlic; and these three new ones: arrabiata (spicy red pepper), Bolognese (fennel and red pepper) and Mediterranean (rosemary and oregano).

As a bonus, for having read this far, Mr. Tidbit offers an odd fact: Perhaps because the labels of all these Hunt's products are festooned with pictures of tomatoes, the word "tomatoes" does not appear on any of them.


Yogurt flavor

There's a new kind of granola snack bar in the Quaker lineup: Yogurt. (This is Quaker's 13th kind of snack or breakfast bar, and it comes in three flavors.)

Mr. Tidbit must note: Although the word "yogurt" appears in type at least twice the size of anything else on the box, in fact (as elucidated below it, in a much smaller, much lighter typeface), the yogurt is a "natural yogurt flavored coating." That is, it isn't yogurt and there's no actual yogurt in it. It consists of sugar, palm kernel and palm oil, whey protein concentrate, yogurt flavored powder, soy lecithin, natural flavor, artificial color, citric acid and salt.

Mr. Tidbit doesn't want to know what "yogurt flavored powder" is.


More protein

Mr. Tidbit believes he's sensing an upsurge in protein-centered products, as two new ones just caught his eye: From General Mills' Nature Valley: Protein chewy bars, with 10 grams of protein each, and from Kellogg (which already has Special K protein meal bars and Special K Protein Plus cereal), Eggo protein waffles (a two-waffle serving has 8 grams of protein).