The notion of "toughness" in sports is subjective, and at times antiquated. If a player is hurt, he is hurt. It's hard to question someone's tolerance level for playing through whatever is ailing him or externally affecting him (unless it's Jay Cutler) because we aren't experiencing what they are experiencing.

That said, my goodness would you listen to some of the stuff from Twins land lately? Some highlights:

*Delmon Young couldn't get loose yesterday. "Said it was too cold, he didn't feel right, didn't feel loose," manager Ron Gardenhire said. "There was no soreness. I told him, 'I have to put you on the DL.' He said that was the right thing to do."

*Gardenhire on Joe Mauer's status/potential return (he is eligible to come off the DL today after his viral infection/bilateral leg weakness): "I have no timetable. None whatsoever."

*Francisco Liriano, explaining his rough outingLiriano said confidence was not a problem. Instead, he said he missed spots and struggled with the cold weather. "I didn't feel the ball in my hand the first inning,'' he said. "I just tried to grab the ball and go quick to the plate and see if I got loose. It just didn't happen.''

*On today's doubleheader: The Twins have an extra pitcher, but they might not have the services of slugger Jim Thome (mild left oblique strain) or Jason Repko (sore left quadriceps). Not good when there are two games scheduled.

Steve Holm was the only available bench player last night. Seriously. Are the Twins going to have to forfeit one of these days because of the cold, aches and pains?

But seriously: Is too much made of perceived toughness -- particularly with these Twins -- or is the local MLB squad rippable for it right now? Your thoughts in the comments.

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