Roughkat alerted us yesterday to one of our favorite items in a long time. Yes, a writer actually took the time to deconstruct which actual Cubs game was filmed for one of the (many) famous scenes in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

We won't spoil it for you, but please do read the initial post and the follow-up. And note this paragraph:

The eleven-inning game took 3:09 to complete, which means that the foul ball Ferris catches had to have been sometime after 4:00pm. That leaves, at the most, one hour and forty-five minutes for their trips to the museum, Sears Tower, the lake, and Sloane's house, while squeezing in two musical numbers during the parade before racing home at 5:55pm. Seems a bit tough to squeeze all of that in for most normal people. But, seeing as Ferris has the magical ability to sound exactly like both a young Wayne Newton and a young John Lennon, I'm willing to believe he could make the schedule work.

These are the kinds of burning questions for which the Internet and hours of free time were invented. We welcome any similar ideas for deconstruction in the comments.

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