Father John Bauer at the Basilica Wednesday (photo by Jerry Holt)

Father John Bauer at the Basilica Wednesday (photo by Jerry Holt)

A little-visited industrial area just across the 394-94 tangle near the Basilica of St. Mary has emerged as the front-runner for a relocated Vikings stadium. The so-called Linden Avenue site has the fewest obstacles, in the opinion of Gov. Mark Dayton, but one of them is Father Bauer, who has taken to the steps of the grand old church to warn about the perils of the nearby colosseum.

Noise-addled residents in the Ericsson and Keewaydin neighborhoods can't stand the roar from changed flight patterns at the airport, but they don't want to shift the noise to other neighborhoods either. So despite near universal frustration with the din, the feds say there's no quick solution that would return neighborhood tranquility, Pat Doyle reports.

A federal appeals court rejected a movie theater chain's effort to stay in the Block E retail complex on Hennepin Avenue, Janet Moore reports. The ruling hands a victory to Block E's owner, who are emptying the place in the hopes of opening a downtown casino - a prospect that's still up in the air.

A bankruptcy judge ordered a trustee to take over a troubled Minneapolis coin company whose owner is under investigation for fraud, Dan Browning reports. International Rarities Corp. featured prominently in Browning's reporting on the questionable business practices of the rare coin investment industry.

The Metropolitan Council released a regional housing plan that would enable an older, more diverse population to live near transit corridors, Pat Doyle reports. The council also revealed that more commuters are riding the rails to work, but the overall numbers for the Hiawatha and Northstar lines were down because of fewer special events and disruption from a freight train derailment.

Profits at our local U.S. Bancorp jumped nearly 40 percent in the fourth quarter, in part because it's setting less money aside to deal with bad loans, Jennifer Bjorhus reports. Not sure whether that news was clouded by a visit from the OccuPirates, a band of buccaneer-costumed protesters inspired by the anti-bank Occupy movement. Their recruitment video made me laugh.