Roughkat alerted us to some very exciting news the other day. First clue: He's heating up. Second clue: He's on fire! Yes, EA is reportedly bringing NBA Jam -- one of the great games of the 1990s -- back in updated form exclusively for Wii.

Things brings back not only a flood of memories and an instant urge to buy the updated game, but also a string of questions:

1) What was the best two-man team in the SNES version of the game? For our money, it was Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning of the Hornets.

2) What was the worst team? We never really considered that since nobody would want to play with the worst team. No offense to someone we can claim as one of us (New Ulm!), but the Bucks' team of Brad Lohaus and Blue Edwards doesn't seem to be particularly savory.

3) Looking over the old rosters on Wiki, we had no idea there were different players used for different consoles since all we ever played was the Nintendo (SNES) version. Does this blow anyone else's mind, or were you aware that Reggie Miller had three different teammates, depending on what version of the game you were playing?

4) For the image of Dan Majerle (pictured) did the game makers use a composite of Bill Clinton and Al Gore?

5) Was the team of Christian Laettner and Chuck Person (or Isaiah Rider, depending on your version) quite tantalizing for a young Minnesota fan?

6) In the updated game, assuming every player is available, what will be the best two-man team? We'd have to say it'd be fun to play with LeBron and Shaq if they gave the big fella good skills. But Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire might be video game paradise.

7) In the updated game, assuming every player is available, what would you choose as your two-man Wolves team?

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