A teenager and two adults are now charged with murder in connection with allegations that they supplied the synthetic drugs that killed two young people in Mankato days apart.

Trace C. Hafner, 17, of Mankato, remains incarcerated after appearing Monday in Blue Earth County District Court on a charge of third-degree murder in the March 10 death of his girlfriend, 17-year-old Chloe Moses. Days earlier, Louis N. Folson-Hart, 22, also fatally overdosed.

Two others from Mankato charged earlier with various controlled-substance violations have also had third-degree murder charges added: Tyler A. Caputo, 21, and James L. Inman, 30.

Moses suffered a seizure at home on March 7. She was taken off life support days later at a Minneapolis hospital.

Police say Hafner told investigators that he and Moses obtained the psychedelic drug from a 15-year-old, also charged in the death, and both ingested it.

On March 5, police and other emergency personnel found Folson-Hart not breathing. He was taken by ambulance from his apartment to a hospital and died.

Also charged with felony drug counts — but not murder — in the deaths is Skylar Jo Reichel-Schneider, 19, of Mankato.

Paul Walsh