A naturalization ceremony Tuesday at the Minneapolis Convention Center made 1,501 immigrants from around the world U.S. citizens.

Above, before the ceremony a reading of the names of the new citizens’ home countries stopped to recognize those who hailed from Somalia.

At right, Maria Velazquez, an 82-year-old originally from Mexico and who uses a wheelchair, took the oath of naturalization.

At far right, Jovid Gafurov, 5, of Maple Grove, ran in the hallway with an American flag after the naturalization of his father, Davron, who came from Tajikistan.

Among the promises made while taking the oath: renouncing any old allegiances as well as promising to support and defend the U.S. Constitution and the nation’s laws.

Afterward, 85 percent of the new citizens were scheduled to turn in papers allowing them to cast a ballot for the first time. To see more images, go to startribune.com/photos.