Smarty Pants, meet "Smarty Pins" -- Google's new geography trivia game.

The premise is simple: Start with 1,000 miles in the bank. Place pins on a Google Map to point out the answers to location-based questions. If you miss the mark, you lose miles based on how far off you are.

The more questions you answer the more digital trophies you win. Lose your miles? When you hit zero the game is over.

Test your general knowledge or narrow the questions down to one of six categories: Featured Topics, Arts & Culture, Science & Geography, Sports & Games, Entertainment, and History & Current Events. Some of them are a snap, but tricky ones do pop up.

For instance:

Answer: New Orleans. (I had no idea, guessed somewhere in Florida. Clearly, I need to take a trip to New Orleans and try this drink.)

Might as well learn something while you waste time on the Internet.