Thinking that you need to trim $50 or so from your monthly budget? Consider dropping cable or satellite, as described in today's article.



But you might not want the hassle of choosing an antenna or zeroing in on the signal from Shoreview. A professional can do it for you.

After you've switched, you may not be happy with the channel selection or the signal. In that case, don't cancel your cable/satellite until you've had a chance to test the over-the-air antenna.

Here is a list of resources to call if you want someone else to get the antenna and hook it up for you. It's not that expensive. The antenna is usually less than $50 and installation usually runs between $40 and $150. You'll recoup the savings in a few months if you were paying $50 a month or more for cable or satellite.



Besides the installers listed below, check TV repair shops in your area for other installers.

• East Lake TV (612-722-8085, serving Minneapolis and western St. Paul only). Cost: $40 flat fee plus materials.
• Enhanced Home Technology (763-262-0202, serving western and northwestern suburbs). Cost: $105 for first half-hour, plus materials.
• Lifestyle Electronics (612-327-4515, serving the Twin Cities area). Cost: $150 to $250 for most home visits plus materials.
• Robert Paul Installations (651-489-8025, serving entire Twin Cities). Cost: $75 per worker per hour, plus trip fee of $30 to $50.

If you would rather choose the antenna yourself, try these resources: 

• Solid Signal:
• Denny’s TV Service:
• Antenna Web: