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Trash can makes compacting easier

The TK10 Trash Krusher lets you compact your kitchen trash right in the can.

The TK10 is a kitchen waste receptacle with a compacting plate attached to the lid. You push the plate to compact the trash cleanly, so you can fit more trash into a single plastic bag. The plate is held to the lid with magnets and can be cleaned in a sink.

The 10.5-gallon can is made of brushed stainless steel and has a foot pedal and slow-closing lid. It works with standard 10- or 13-gallon trash bags.

The can is available for $199.99 plus $24.99 shipping and handling at http://trash­

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Paint longevity

Q: How long will unopened paint last? I bought some paint last year for my bedroom and changed my mind. It’s lovely paint and was expensive. Should I just try it out in a closet or basement bathroom? I would hate to throw it away.

A: Amanda Johns, assistant manager of Monarch Paints in Washington, says a can of paint not opened and stored in a heated and cooled place can last up to 10 years.

But, if you keep it in an area without managed temperatures, like a garage, and it freezes in the winter and heats up in the summer, you might not be able to use it after a few years.

The best solution is to open it and smell it. If paint has gone bad, it will smell like rotten eggs.

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