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Technology to gush over

Tired of trying to turn on the faucet with messy hands? The Delta Touch20 kitchen faucet uses technology that allows you to touch the faucet anywhere to turn it on or off. You adjust the water flow and temperature with the traditional on/off handle just as you would without the Touch20 technology.

The Touch20 faucet has a water-saver shut-off feature, too. If you should happen to leave the faucet on for 4 minutes, it automatically shuts off.

Another bonus: Unlike infrared sensors, outside factors such as lighting conditions, skin and clothing color and mirrors or reflections do not interfere with the sensing capability. You don't have to worry that you are just placing something in the sink and the water will turn on without you wanting it to.

Scripps Howard News Service

Microwave-only dish

Q: I have a Corningware microwave browning dish I used many years ago in my microwave. Would it be wise to use this pan in a conventional oven and on my stove top?

A: No. The browning dish was intended for use only in a microwave oven, according to the instructions that came with the product.

Corningware's microwave browning dishes had a special coating on the bottom that was designed to absorb microwave energy. The user preheated the dish in the microwave, and the heated bottom would then sear or brown foods that were added to the dish immediately.

The instructions specified that the browners were not to be used on stove tops or in conventional ovens.

Akron beacon journal