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Smart alarm clock

Remember when an alarm clock just woke you?

Now there's one that helps plan your day.

Paired with your smartphone, Quirky's Nimbus clock can be customized to tell you whatever you need to know the first thing in the morning — perhaps the traffic report, or your schedule, or even how your latest Facebook post is faring. The clock has four screens, each of which displays the information you choose. The information updates constantly, just as on a smartphone.

The Nimbus comes in black or white. It's available at Home Depot and its website,, and also sells at

Removing carpet dents

Q: How can I remove dents the furniture has left in my carpet?

A: Carpet dents are tricky because the pad gets compressed as well as the carpet. Some dents will never recover fully, but here are a couple of methods to try:

• Let one or two ice cubes melt in each dent. Blot the excess moisture, and then fluff the carpet fibers with your fingers or a fork.

• Steam out the dents with a steamer or steam iron. If you're using an iron, place a white cloth over the dent to prevent scorching or melting the carpet fibers, and then iron over the cloth using a steam setting. Be careful not to let the iron touch the carpet. You can dampen the cloth to add extra moisture if you wish. Fluff the fibers when you're done.

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