Door painting system

The Door Rack Painter is a rack system that lets you paint both sides of a door at one time and store multiple doors for drying.

The system comprises a spray rack designed to hold a door while it’s being spray painted, as well as a dry rack that can hold nine full-size doors or 18 cabinet doors. A pair of dry racks can be converted to hold baseboards and crown molding for drying or long boards for storage.

Links to videos showing how the system is used are on the company’s website,

The racks can be ordered from the website. The system of one spray rack and one dry rack costs $625. Individual dry racks and rods for converting racks into storage units are also available.

Shipping is extra.

Cleaning pennants

Q: I have two old Cleveland Indians pennants. Can you tell me how to clean them?

A: John Sarvis, owner of Bernadette’s French Cleaners in West Akron, Ohio, specializes in restoring old textiles and said it may be possible to clean your pennants, but the cleaner would need to see them to assess the situation, and he cautioned that cleaning old items also carries a risk that the process will cause tearing, dye bleeding or other deterioration. If your cleaner determines your pennants are candidates for cleaning, you’d have to be willing to assume that risk.

That’s why Dave Stark, a pennant collector and dealer from Mulkeytown, Ill., prefers not to clean old sports pennants. He considers dirt, stains and yellowing to be part of their patina. Stark also says pennants are made of different materials, so no single cleaning process works for every pennant. Nevertheless, if you’re willing to take the chance, Stark offers cleaning tips on the website of his business, Pennant King (

A framing shop should be able to mount the pennants in frames for you.

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