From a press release passed along to us (our emphasis in bold):


I work with SkirtSports (, and wanted to let you know about the SkirtChaser5k Race Series voting contest! SkirtSports recently launched a voting contest for their one-of-a-kind SkirtChaser5k Race Series (, where women have a head start and men follow in a “Skirt Chaser” wave three minutes later. A rousing block party always follows the race, with food, drinks, live music and a fashion show! Due to the overwhelming popularity of the race series, SkirtSports decided to let its loyal fans decide where the 2010 SkirtChaser5k Race Series should visit next year.

Voting takes place on and lasts through October 30. I’ve attached the press release and an image for your reference. Minneapolis is in the running to be the next SkirtChaser5k city, but it needs the most votes to win! Do you think this is something you’d like to share with your readers on I’d be happy to provide additional images or information. Thanks!


Well, the race and organization at least earn points for transparency. The Twitter page describes it as a "5k race series bringing fitness, beer and flirting together for a big finish line party." Ahem. And, well, it worked in being just absurd enough to get us to post it. So, bravo.

But we have to ask:

1) The name. Was "The Dame Stampede" already taken? What about "Hunt Down on Broad Street?" Or is that just a product tie-in?

2) What happens when a man catches a woman? One can only assume some sort of club will be provided, no? And suitable transportation to the cave? We're already running a 5K here. Just looking for some assistance.

3) What if you aren't fast enough to track down one of these Skirts (and yes, they have to wear skirts, right)? Most of the women in the promotional picture you sent look like serious runners who would be halfway back to their condos before we even cracked open a beer.

We dunno. This is possibly a fairly harmless and even enjoyable event ... with a splash of unfortunate sexism in the name and concept. Wait. Now it sounds really bad again. Your thoughts?

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