The votes are rolling in ... and they're fairly predictably not in favor of Brad Childress. The margin, though? That's a little surprising.

A whopping 92 percent of Star Tribune pollsters think the answer to "Should Brad Childress be fired?" is either "Yes, right away" (80 percent!) or "At the end of the season" (12 percent). About 6 percent say he's not the problem. A mere 1.7 percent think the Vikings should give him another year. That's as of 11 a.m., and it includes more than 15,000 votes.

Of course, he's catching a break in relation to the NFL coach ratings. He's dead last at a 5 percent approval rating for the week.

In those rankings, Childress hasn't climbed above 22 percent all season. Last year, he was as high as 86 percent.

Our question to you, readers: Do these numbers come close to accurately reflecting the sentiments of the overall fan base, in your estimation, or are they a reflection of the angriest of the bunch?

Also: If you didn't read our Moss on Moss Q&A today for Page 2, you can have a look-see right here.

We're anxiously trying to arrange a follow-up, by the way, with Beck DeRobertis. We can only imagine what the Proprietor of Bring Moss Back will have to say about all this.

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