Moving in together. It's a big step in your relationship, bringing the two of you much closer than ever before. It also becomes a learning experience, having to accept each other's quirks. Apartment List, an online rental marketplace, surveyed 1,200 users about their living experiences, their joys and annoyances. Some of the results may surprise you.

• Couples who have dated for more than four years before moving in together are 54 percent more likely to be unhappy than a couple living together after a shorter amount of time dating. Maybe that's why 63 percent of couples move in together after dating for one year. And 34 percent of couples moved in together after dating for just six months.

• Bathroom and closet space are two huge problems for couples, particularly men. According to the survey, men secretly admit that they crave more closet space than their partner designates to them. Another major complaint: the sheer amount of toiletries women own compared to men.

• A surprising number of couples — 30 percent — self-reported they would rather spend all of their free time with their partner. Men also reported that they wished their partner would adapt their schedule around them for more one-on-one time.

• The toilet seat war ranked as the No. 1 source for an argument by 80 percent of women in the survey. Men, on the other hand, complained about the excess use of toilet paper by their partner.