In this politically divided nation, even a striped cotton fabric can inflame ire.

Seersucker puckers passions as well as suits.

Congress has been caught up in the politics of seersucker as well. Back in 2012, the Senate discontinued its tradition of inviting all political stripes to don the stripes.

"Seersucker Thursday would have been on June 21," the Washington Post's Dana Milbank wrote two years ago, "but on the evening before, the Senate cloakroom’s staff notified members that the custom was being discontinued. (Sen. Trent) Lott’s former colleagues thought it would be politically unwise to be seen doing something frivolous when there’s so much conflict over major issues."

But this year, it came back, thanks to the efforts of Louisiana Rep. Bill Cassidy.

"It’s more than puckered striped suits—it’s Capitol Hill camaraderie,” he said in a statement.

We've surveyed folks on Twitter and found that seersucker gets an overwhelming "yes" among @RachelSB followers. See our complete poll below. You, too, can weigh in:


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