By Jay Boller

This morning the Onion's local A.V. Club imprint announced it's closing up shop. It joins Denver, Madison, Wis., and Chicago in the AVC graveyard, with Milwaukee and Toronto's sites still fighting on. The satirical Onion (still hilarious) and national A.V. Club (a top-flight recourse for pop-culture obsessives) both truck on.

The shutdown also means the print Onion will no longer be available in Minnesota. As someone who whittled away countless hours in U of M lecture halls fighting back Onion-triggered laughs, that news is a tremendous bummer.

A.V. Club Twin Cities editor Jason Zabel (disclosure: also a friend and former boss) penned a farewell earlier today.

“The loss of local coverage is an unfortunate but common occurrence these days,” he writes. “But the loss of The A.V. Club here in the Twin Cities makes me especially sad, and not just because I'm out of a job, but because I think this publication has a unique voice. In our time publishing in the Twin Cities, we have tried our best to develop a publication that we feel reflects the Twin Cities: smart, fun, and a little bit different.”

Like so many AVC.TC posts previous, it goes out on a yuk: “Thanks for reading, Twin Cities. And, please, never stop being proud about your biking culture.”

Here's wishing Zabel, his freelancers and everyone else on the ship A.V. Club Twin Cities luck in their future endeavors

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