We can trace paper work for our beloved family cabin back to 1913. The place has gone through many transformations since then: from a rustic one-story house with only a wood stove, to a two-story cabin with a new fireplace, and now to a reconfigured three-story and bunkhouse. During all this time, the almost-5 acre property has been cherished by many couples and families, and has retained its relative isolation. We thank serendipity for finding it almost 30 years ago during a random drive around Longville, Minn. There was a “For Sale” sign, which the owners told us their children repeatedly took down, and we looked no further. My husband and I had grown up in families that spent one marvelous week each summer Up North and vowed that if ever possible we would do the same for as long as we could with our children and, now, grandchildren. The cabin has become an almost sacred place where we gather and spend family time together as we could do nowhere else. We are lulled to sleep by frogs, loons, ducks; we watch sunsets from the porch; we eat many dinners cooked over the fire pit (one of the first things we added). We are so grateful for this sanctuary.

Kathryn Swanson, Plymouth