Hot Dish's morning politics newsletter, Morning Hot Dish, is holding its first reader contest, in honor of today's third-quarter fundraising deadline.

There's been an abundance of one-word fundraising e-mails from politicians this week, and we've asked you to guess which politician sent out which each e-mail. Get the most right and win the prize: a mention in the newsletter.

E-mail your entries to These are the e-mail subject lines:

  • “Deadline”
  • “Extremists”
  • “Dismantle”
  • “Sabotage”
  • “Determination”
  • “Gridlock”
  • “Wreckage”
  • “Hustle”
  • “Working"

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Here's the item from the newsletter that inspired the contest:

One word

“Deadline,” “Extremists,” “Dismantle,” “Sabotage,” “Determination,” “Gridlock,” “Wreckage,” “Hustle” and “Working.” These single words headline fundraising emails sent as the Sept. 30 Federal Election Commission deadline approaches. The bipartisan one-word subject fundraising appeals are part of what appears to be a move toward shortening subject-lines for the cash quests. Perhaps the goal is simply to get folks to open the email without noticing the one-word desire: Money. -- Rachel E. Stassen-Berger

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