Some guy on T.V. said Americans have the ‘microwave syndrome’; we want what we want and we want it now. Watching T.V. is like watching a conveyer belt full of all the things I want in life rapidly moving past me, so close I can see it yet so far away I can’t feel it. It can be pretty tormenting.

With so many goals and ideas I can sometimes get overwhelmed by the responsibilities of daily life. School, work, housework; school, work, housework, it’s like running in one of those little hamster wheels with no way to jump off. That dream of being the next ‘Oprah’ seems as far as the moon and with no way of jumping off the hamster wheel how will I ever reach the moon?
During weekly coffee sessions my sister and I laugh-off the constant reminders that we have yet to reach (some of our major) goals, have not ‘made it big’ and are still ‘stuck’ in *yawn* “Minne-snow-ta”.
But why? Why waste time counting the things you don’t have, lusting after the items and experiences you want and complaining about the fact that your bank account isn’t worth more than that of a small country? If you really think about it is there any point to it all? Does it really make you feel better after a good round of complaints and whining? For me, no, it does not. In fact it makes me feel worse and wastes a whole lot of time. Time that could be spent on something productive, fun or educational; time that is a part of our lives today, that, once gone, will never return…this got me thinking.
As kids we wished on stars, as teenagers we prayed, wished and hoped, as adults we plan, work and save.  Guess it’s time to (fully) grow up.
Counting my ‘blessings’ and truly realizing the progress I’ve made is, was and will probably always be a good start. Working hard for what I want and planning on being the successful woman I know I can be rather than wishing I was her would be next. Regardless what the steps are or how long they take, I am now happier which in turn is healthier. Guess I have more work to add to my already work-filled schedule, but it’s  worth it…after all, I am the one who always says; “either love the life you live, or live the life you’ll love.”
Picture: Me and My Sister, Salisea enjoying the life we're living @ CRAVE (MOA)
DeSeandra Sheppheard


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