December 1979: Construction begins at downtown Minneapolis site.

January 1980: Bulldozers encounter 250,000-pound piece of granite. It's moved to Plymouth and dubbed "Plymouth Rock."

October 1981: Dome inflated for first time.

November 1981: Dome roof collapses under 10 inches of new snow.

April 1982: Stadium construction fully completed. The Twins play their first game there April 6.

December 1982: Dome roof falls after snow slides against large snow-removal bucket. The bucket, attached to a crane, twists and tears 3-foot gash that grows.

April 1983: Wet, heavy snow deflates roof; four-day repair results in cancellation of baseball game.

1985: Dome hosts baseball's All-Star Game.

April 1986: Twins-Angels game briefly halted when high winds rip two holes in Dome's inner roof.

1987: Dome hosts World Series.

1991: Dome hosts World Series.

1992: Dome hosts Super Bowl, Final Four of the NCAA Division I men's basketball championship.

2001: Dome again hosts Final Four.

2009: Twins play last game at Dome.

Dec. 12, 2010: Dome roof collapses after snowstorm.

Sources: Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission, Star Tribune