George proudly holds his first walleye ever!

George proudly holds his first walleye ever!

Two weeks into the season and I'm already sick of catching walleyes.  Just kidding.  But, at the rate they have been biting I'm beginning to wonder if I have things figured out, or if they are just eating at a faster than normal pace.  With each strike of the bait I'm thinking that it's the latter.  Last night I was on the water and I almost had my arm ripped off from a hungry walleye.  It was  a strike similar to that of a musky or catfish.  It leads me to wonder if this accelerated spring and warm water temps have the fish on a binge that they cannot sustain.

The first week of the season proved to be extroardinary on big fish.  The second week continued the same trend, but finally started to yield a few for the frying pan.  The funny part is that we've been having such a fun time catching them that we haven't even taken the time to keep any.  I call it stock for future trips, and that's a good thing for us and the lake.

Home from a 5 day work trip out of state, I snuck out Sunday evening on my favorite metro water for a quick evening bite and found the fishing better than when I left.  After what I had been experiencing, I didn't think it could get any better.  On Sunday evening I hooked a fish on my first 15 casts.  Yep, 15.  They weren't all walleyes and a couple got off, but I still battled a fish on more consecutive casts than I can ever remember.  It was surreal.

Yesterday morning I celebrated Memorial Day with a few eager anglers.  George and Tom were my guests, and our mission was to get George his first walleye ever.  Being from the non-walleye rich waters of Tennessee and the fact that he hadn't fished in over 20 years, I took it as a good accomplishment when the 72 year old southerner posed for his first ever walleye picture (above).  We had a blast all morning catching walleye, bass and hungry sheephead.  It was an adventure that I was told got George back into fishing.  In fact, my email this morning read something like this..."George said he is going to the store when he gets home to buy fishing equipment and he plans to start fishing again."  That comment alone makes me smile.

Last night was more of the same since I couldn't resist the chance to get back out there.  My good fishin' buddies Sean Bailey and Mike Ernst joined me and we proceeded to catch fish hand over fist.  In our short stint on the water we landed about 35 to 40 fish.  We weren't looking for a meal, rather a tug on the line, and if you catch a fish on almost every other cast, then you don't care if they are bass, walleye or a sheephead.

The bonus to all of this recent action is that I've been able to continue finding new areas and new walleye hot spots.  My growing list of "sweet spots" gives me an extra sense of satisfaction, the option to release several limits of nice walleyes makes me feel good, and the thought that this might continue for a few days leaves me excited.  To put it in simple fishing terms.  The bite is on.  We are simply blessed to enjoy this great fishing right in our back yard.  Hurry up and get out there before this action slows, or call me if you want to join the fun.  Until next time, keep on livin' the dream!

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