While Timberwolves fans are trying to figure out what to make of their new-look team, Cleveland Cavaliers fans have one thing on their minds -- winning an NBA championship now that LeBron James and Kevin Love have come to town.

Here's a sampling of what's being said and written in Cleveland:

On Cleveland.com, Chris Fedor wrote that an NBA title must be the Cavaliers' only goal: "James' new supporting cast rivals his from Miami, which went to four straight NBA Finals. It might be even better thanks to the addition of Love, who has been under appreciated for years. Love has his doubters. The main criticisms center on his defense and win-loss record. It's true. Love has never stepped foot on the playoff stage, but it has more to do with poor management and roster decisions while in Minnesota. After all, the Timberwolves selected both Ricky Rubio and now-out-of-the-league Jonny Flynn ahead of Stephen Curry in the 2009 NBA Draft, one year after getting Love. That's just one of the many errors the franchise made as it made frequent trips to the lottery. It won't be long before the secret is out. The one that Wolves' fans have been privy to for years: Love is one of the best players in the NBA."

Here's his complete analysis of the deal.

The scouting report on the Cleveland.com website includes this about Love's defense: "If Love has a Kryptonite, it's his defense. Knicks center Tyson Chandler famously called out Love during a game in March, saying "He can't play D!" Love does gets scored on, is sometimes slow getting over on the pick-and-roll and not a strong shot-blocker. But when you've got James, Anderson Varejao and Shawn Marion on your team, you don't have to be Bill Russell."

Nate Silver, at the sports and politics analytics blog fivethirtyeight.com, projects that the addition of Love and LeBron means the Cavaliers have about a team "with about 65 wins on their roster."

NBA writer James Herbert at CBSsports.com likes the trade so much that he gave both the Wolves and the Cavalier an A-plus. Here's what he said about Andrew Wiggins: "The 19-year-old's dribbling and long-distance shooting need work, but a young Paul George is a great comparison. It's up to Wiggins and the Wolves to harness all that potential in the coming years."

Here's the rest of his analysis.

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