We’ve done wine. We’ve done beer. Now we’re on to the next hot thing in sipping flights: liquor.

On the heels of a microdistillery boom across the metro, interest in savoring the nuances of various spirits is spiking. The result? Flights of the hard stuff are cropping up all over town.

“It’s something that’s really been embraced recently,” says Lorin Zinter, Commodore Bar and Restaurant general manager. “There are so many new choices, and people want to compare and contrast and see all the subtle differences.”

Channel your inner connoisseur and go wet your whistle with these three lineups from bars and restaurants around the Twin Cities. And don’t worry — you probably won’t fall off your chair. These samplings are typically just enough to toss around your palate.

The Commodore Bar and Restaurant, St. Paul
Taste ¾-ounce pours of Norseman Barrel Aged Rum, Cedar Ridge Dark Rum and Far North Alander Spiced Rum; served with house-made ginger beer, $11.

Butcher and the Boar, Mpls.
Taste ¾-ounce pours of Jefferson’s Reserve Bourbon, Barton 1792 Bourbon and Jefferson’s Very Small Batch Bourbon, $15.

Russian vodka
Hammer and Sickle, Mpls.
Sample ounce pours of Jewel of Russia Classic, Russian Standard Gold, Green Mark and Zyr, $40.