The twists and turns in the relationship between the Republican Party of Minnesota and their endorsed candidate for the Minnesota Supreme Court, Michelle MacDonald, is starting to have the feel of a daytime soap opera. 

Last month, the Star Tribune reported that MacDonald was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and resisting arrest in 2013. MacDonald’s trial is scheduled for September. 

MacDonald’s arrest was known by numerous Republicans, including members of the Judicial Election Committee, but some in leadership positions of the Republican Party of Minnesota claim they were unaware

After the news broke about MacDonald's pending criminal trial, members of the Republican Party of Minnesota’s Judicial Election Committee publicly stood by their decision to recommend MacDonald be considered for endorsement by the Republicans at their state convention for the Minnesota Supreme Court. 

Days later, the leadership of the Republican Party of Minnesota announced they would continue to support MacDonald. 

Late this afternoon, the Republican Party of Minnesota sent an email to activists statewide, which attempted to clarify an email sent by MacDonald's campaign earlier in the week.

This week Republicans leaders have cooled on MacDonald's candidacy, a change from their previous full-throated support. Confused? This story is as clear as mud.   

I hesitated to post a link to MacDonald's email, because I believe it inaccurately and unfairly portrayed the original story in the Star Tribune about her arrest on suspicion of drunk driving and resisting arrest. Facts are stubborn and sometimes ugly and there is no way to put a positive spin on a political candidate for statewide office facing a criminal trial in an election year. 

Rather than finding a way to contain the controversy surrounding MacDonald's candidacy, the flurry of emails only draws additional media attention to a political food fight. Stay tuned, as it is going to get messy.   

Picture source: Republican Party of Minnesota