While it's only the second week of school, some kids are already wondering when break is. It's not the early mornings or the long school days, it's the homework.

So far I've found the homework debacle to be a non issue in our household. My kindergartener attends a school that doesn't do homework until older elementary {yay for Montessori} and my third grader has had minimal and very manageable tasks- a math worksheet, reading minutes and some spelling to study. Pretty age & grade level appropriate tasks and I am not complaining.

Yet for some families, homework can be quite the issue. After sitting in school all day, many kids don't have the attention span or the time to devote to doing it. What, with sports and extracurriculars and the like.

Students at a Quebec Elementary School won't have to worry about homework as the school does a pilot project on no homework for one year. A spokesperson from the school said that "the goal is to ease pressure on parents and even improve student performance." {Source: Yahoo!}

Etta Kralovec, a professor at the University of Arizona and the author of The End of Homework, said elementary school students are often so busy with homework they don't have enough time to pursue extra-curricular activities, or simply play.

"The research is very clear that there's no benefit at the elementary school level," she said in the Yahoo! article.

No homework policies are even popping up here in the United States. One school district in Rockville, Maryland hasn't assigned homework since 2012. Principal Stephanie Brant told TODAY that the school simply asks that students read 30 minutes each night. That seems pretty fair to me.

Kralovec said that more schools have looked into no homework policies but it's a hot topic between parents. 

“There’s a huge philosophical divide between parents who want their kids to be very scheduled, very driven, and very ambitiously focused at school -- those parents want their kids to do homework,” she said.

“And then there are the parents who want a more child-centered life with their kids, who want their kids to be able to explore different aspects of themselves, who think their kids should have free time.” {source: TODAY}

What do you think about homework? Is it an issue in your household? How much time is too much for homework and what do you think about these schools choosing to opt out?

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