Dad was always busy, as you would expect a dad to be when he has 8 children. Cars were his hobby. Island Lake was his retreat.

He was know by all who loved and admired  him as "The Hawk"; short for Haakensen. He was only called by his first name, Fred, when he was in hot water for something crazy he did.

He was a great dancer, made the best pancakes, and was a craftsman when it came to home repairs.

Most of us were able to be with him on his last days. He said he had a party to go to. We knew what he ment and that we would be dancing in heaven soon.

On his 70th birthday he released a Hawk at Hawk's Ridge. We released a Hawk in September in his honor and we plan to do this each year on his birthday.  Oldest to youngest, generation to generation.

We love you and miss you dad.