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They grow up so fast

We're aware that the "Harry Potter" kids are getting older. But they'll get much more so in the series finale, currently filming: The makeup team behind "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" has been hired to age the young actors by 19 years for the epilogue. "We were looking at different ways of doing it, other actors and so on," producer David Heyman said. "And then we saw 'Benjamin Button' and that aging technology, so I think we'll try that, because I'd feel terrible about having other people take those parts at the last gasp." Daniel Radcliffe, however, isn't so sure. "If it came to a choice between having me, Emma and Rupert looking a bit stupid or having other actors play us, I would go for the other actors every time," he said.

The final reel

Washed-up star Don Johnson will go the Burt Reynolds route, playing a porn director in the Adam Sandler comedy "Born to Be a Star." Sounds like Johnson has a comeback in the offing, also playing dad to Kristen Bell in "When in Rome" and Jason Sudeikis in "A Good Old Fashioned Orgy." ... Shock comedian Russell Brand ("Forgetting Sarah Marshall") will star in remakes of "Drop Dead Fred" and the Dudley Moore hit "Arthur." ... Chris Noth will return to "Sex and the City 2," set for release in May 2010. ... Michael Douglas and director Oliver Stone will return for the "Wall Street" sequel "Money Never Sleeps." Shia LaBeouf is in talks to join the cast.