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Game's on in Hollywood

We're bored with the creative vacuum that's mining classic board games and toys in hopes of creating a blockbuster. Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner said last week his company is in talks with Paramount and filmmakers Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg to make a fourth "Transformers" movie. The most recent entry in the film series based on Hasbro's morphing robot toys took in more than $1.1 billion at box offices worldwide. And an action film based on the game Battleship is coming next year. But Goldner said Hasbro also is working with studios to develop films based on Micronauts, Candyland, Risk, Stretch Armstrong, Clue and Monopoly. Universal dropped plans to make a Ouija film because of budget concerns, but Hasbro says it's restructuring costs to revive the project.


The final reel

The Coen brothers' next film is "Inside Llewyn Davis," focusing on the Greenwich Village folk music scene of the early 1960s. It will star relative unknown Oscar Isaac, who had small parts in "Drive" and the upcoming "Bourney Legacy." ... "A Beautiful Mind 2"? Leonardo DiCaprio will play enigmatic British codebreaker Alan Turing in Ron Howard's "The Imitation Game." ... The fifth "Die Hard" movie will be titled "A Good Day to Die Hard." ... Octavia Spencer ("The Help") is in talks to join Diablo Cody's next untitled film as a casino card dealer. ... Woody Allen's "The Bop Decameron," starring Roberto Benigni, Alec Baldwin, Ellen Page and Jesse Eisenberg, has a new title: "Nero Fiddled." ... Patty Jenkins, who directed Charlize Theron to an Oscar in "Monster," will direct "Thor 2."