Fairy garden primer

Where do you get those teeny-tiny plants for a fairy garden? The "How to Plant a Fairy Garden" class at Carver County Flowers and Gifts covers design, plant selection and accessories for miniature gardens that can be planted in beds or containers. The class is at 9 a.m. July 17, 109 E. 3rd St., Carver. $5. To register, call 952-681-7582.

Good egg

Egg Plant Urban Farm Supply opened in April and offers seeds, edible flowers, vegetable and fruit plants, canning and chicken-raising supplies.

"We thought it would be cool to have everything related to food gardening and having a back-yard homestead all under one roof," said owner Audrey Matson.

They even sell chicks along with feeders, bedding and coops.

Matson plans to hold cheese-making classes, too. Check the website for information.

1771 Selby Av., St. Paul; www.eggplantsupply.com; 651-645-0818.


Hummingbird gardens

Did you know that hummingbirds fly up, down, sideways and backward as they feed on the nectar of 1,500 flowers daily? In that same day, they'll also be on a quest for invertebrates and drink twice their weight in sugar water from those familiar red feeders. These facts are from "Hummingbird Gardens: Turning Your Yard Into Hummingbird Heaven" (Brooklyn Botanic Garden, $9.95).

Guest editor Stephen Kress and illustrator Steve Buchanan offer information along with colorful, lavish illustrations of the 18 species common to North America. There's advice on how to lure these inquisitive critters into your back yard.

The book divides the United States into four regions, giving zone-specific details on plants, trees, shrubs and vines of interest to these colorful frequent fliers. Chapters also cover feeding hummingbirds, behavior, sources of mail-order plants, plus a USDA hardiness map.

If you want a hummer-filled summer, this book is for you.