If you are like me I consider Minnesota's bass opener to a kid waking up for his first Christmas. The crisp and clear morning is like no other, the glass like waters ready for a day of fun. The thought, then reality of the clam water breaking as you hook into your first bass of the year, the excitement is indescribable at times.  Many fisherman in the state believe that bass fishing is "easy and not fun", I once had the same opinion until I fished with a few people who targeted them specifically. They opened up my eyes and I have been hooked ever since. The largemouth and smallmouth bass are a very powerful and exciting fish to catch, especially when it's in the 4lb + range. I agree that bass are one of the easier species to catch but I would have to strongly state only the determined and/or experienced fisherman catch the "big bucketmouths" on a regular basis. The thrill of hooking one of these beauties is what keeps many of us fishing day after day, add the fact that you can cash a paycheck it will keep you going, trust me! I encourage others who don't like to bass fish or haven't tried bass fishing to try it in 2009; you may get hooked like I did! Have a safe and enjoyable 2009 fishing season.Thoughts, comments and suggestions are always welcome. Check back next week for more.........


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