Who's up

First-time screenwriter Robert Siegel made a big splash with "The Wrestler," and his directorial debut, "Big Fan," which he also wrote, is pulling in the fans at Sundance. The film, starring Patton Oswalt ("Ratatouille") as a parking-garage attendant/rabid New York Giants fan, is a "wild, unpredictable ride," reports MTV's Larry Carroll, and reveals Siegel to be "a shrewd and confident filmmaker" and "a born entertainer," says Entertainment Weekly's Dave Karger.

Who's down

Almost everyone associated with "Iron Man 2," which Marvel is trying to produce on the cheap. First the studio tried to replace director Jon Favreau, assuming it could get someone for less. Terrence Howard was dumped after he asked for a raise, and Samuel L. Jackson says the studio won't pay his asking price to reprise Nick Fury. Now comes a report that Marvel wants to pay Mickey Rourke only $250,000 to play villain Crimson Dynamo. Just where did that $318 million earned by the first movie go?