Mystery writer David Housewright has written a book with his wife, Renee Valois. "The Devil and the Diva," he said in an e-mail, was his wife's book to begin with. "She wrote it while she was in college," he said. "Basically, all I added were chase scenes and a few jokes."

The book is what he calls a "Gothic suspense romantic thriller crime novel," which means it should appeal to just about anyone. It's available through Down and Out Books of Florida, through print-on-demand, as an e-book and at Once Upon a Crime Bookstore.

Also ...

• "Breath Control," a collection of poems by Maryann Corbett, has been published by David Robert Books of Cincinnati. Corbett, who lives in St. Paul, has published poems in Poetry East, Water-Stone Review and elsewhere. "Breath Control" was chosen for the First Books panel at the West Chester Poetry Conference at West Chester University in June.

• "Laman's River," a mystery by Mark Munger, has been published by Cloquet River Press. Munger is a judge in Cook County.

• "On the Other Guy's Dime: A Professional's Guide to Traveling Without Paying" by G. Michael Schneider has been published by Tasora. Schneider is a former professor at Macalester College.

• "The Fairy Ring, Or, Elsie and Frances Fool the World" by Mary Losure has been published by Candlewick Press. Losure is a longtime contributor to National Public Radio and author of a book of nonfiction, "Our Way or the Highway." She lives in St. Paul.

• The 11th book in the "Undead" series, "Undead and Unstable" by MaryJanice Davidson, will be published in June by Berkley Press. Davidson's novel "Yours, Mine and Ours" came out in March from St. Martin's Press. The very busy Davidson lives in St. Paul.

• "Born Together -- Reared Apart: The Landmark Minnesota Twin Study" by Nancy L. Segal will be published in June by Harvard University Press. Segal was an assistant director of the 20-year study, which looked at the differences and similarities between twins not raised in the same home.

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