Are fishing, hunting, and shooting destined to gradually die away, victims of modern society and an altered landscape? These activities are seriously threatened, and no good answers have surfaced in the search to reverse declining participation.

Are these the sunset years for the traditional outdoor sports?

A new book by a lifelong outdoorsman tackles that question, and lays out an innovative vision for solving this defining challenge.

"Paint the Next Sunrise: A Future for Hunting and Fishing" opens by describing the current situation–declining participation, increasing human population, increasing urbanization, single-parent households, fewer people drawn to outdoor activities. Then, author Mark Strand points out that we have two choices: preside over the sunset of these great sports, or paint the next sunrise for them.

Additional chapters explore how these sports fit into our modern world, and the benefits they offer to people's lives. The book ends with the vision for a new nonprofit organization dedicated to reversing the trend of declining participation.

Purposely written to be a quick read, Strand hopes it will become "a book that lots of people have actually read, so we can get to work right away on the solution."

"What's missing," says Strand, "is the elementary school for these sports–one place to go, where beginners can sample any activity that sounds fun, where they are quickly taught how to find success. Helping beginners succeed, encouraging them to explore, and letting them freely choose their favorites is the formula that will produce a steady stream of new participants."

This book is destined to shape the national debate over the future of hunting and fishing in America. If you care about these traditional outdoor sports, it's a must read.

Notes: "Paint the Next Sunrise: A Future for Hunting and Fishing," featuring a foreword by Hall of Fame fisherman Larry Dahlberg, is available for $12.95 from Or, call 800-901-3480.

About the author: Mark Strand is an outdoor writer, photographer and filmmaker with more than 32 years of experience. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota School of Journalism, with a minor in Fisheries&Wildlife. He grew up fishing, hunting, and shooting for fun, changing the game as the seasons turned. To honor his father's legacy, he is now dedicating his career to helping newcomers become active anglers, hunters, and shooters.

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