Lake Minnetonka AKA "Tonka" is such a great bass fishery that its hard to not fish it on a regualr basis if you live close.The bite on Tonka in my opinion can change 180 degrees in a matter of few hours which makes it frustrating for tournament anglers.One example that I have is from this past weekend. I went our pre-fishing with my partner on Saturday for our club tournament which was the following day, we tried some new water that does not get much pressure belive it or not and found a good bite on an inside and outside weedline. The bass were very aggressive using and texas rig and a tube jig, we caught a few 2+ lb bass,one 3+ lb and lost a nice 4 lb bass all in a short time,we left the spots and headed off the lake.

The day of the club tournament was a different story, from the time we were catching decent bass the day before until the morning of the tournament was only 14 hours.The weather was the same as the day before, no rain, no fronts, no wind....the fish should still be there right?? By the title of this blog you should have guessed it....NO they were pretty much gone! We arrived at our first spot with no one around,nobody even got close to us as we spent the first 2 hours there. We managed to catch 3 small keepers,none of them were on a texas rig or a tube.We managed to catch a few decent fish after moving to several spots.None of the fish were caught on a texas rig or a tube like the day before.After it was all said and done,my biggest was 3.84 lbs that was spawned out.In talking to everyone one else in the club it was the same story, none of the fish they had going produced the following day.The bite got slower, the fish wanted something else. The point of this blog is to make sure you have several spots producing and be preapred to change tactis completely.


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