The opening sequence fell a little bit flat, relying too heavily on appearances from former hosts, including Jane Lynch and Conan O’Brien, but Kevin Spacey saved the bit, playing off his “House of Cards” character by slipping into a Southern accent and directly addressing the camera with vindictive charm.

Hi, Bob

Bob Newhart, who won his first Emmy last week for a guest appearance on “The Big Bang Theory,” got a standing ovation as he presented alongside “Theory” co-star Jim Parsons. When Newhart’s achievement was mentioned, the legend made reference to Parsons’ three wins in five years. “I don’t know if it’s a compliment or you’re just trying to rub it in,” he said.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus always delivers hilarious acceptance speeches, but this time the rest of her “Veep” cast got in on the act. Tony Hale, who won earlier in the night for supporting actor, slipped into his kiss-up character by holding Louis-Dreyfus’ purse during her speech and co-star Anna Chlumsky tweeted mindlessly from her phone in the audience. Hilarious.

Motherly love

Laura Linney took home a well-deserved award for her work in the Minnesota-based series “The Big C,” but she wasn’t on hand to soak in the applause. “She’s such a great actress she didn’t need to show up,” said presenter Matt Damon before explaining that she was working.

Motherly love

The cast of “How I Met Your Mother” poked fun at co-star Neil Patrick Harris for suffering from “Excessive Hosting Disorder” in a very funny mockumentary. Arsenio Hall made a great cameo that was funnier than everything in his first week back in late-night TV.